Bathroom Remodeling

If you’re interested in New Jersey bathroom renovations or a bathroom remodel, Pns Kitchen & Bath can add a beautiful and contemporary décor to your home. We’re experts in luxury bathroom design and small bathroom remodeling in NJ and provide a complete service from design to finish. You get the benefit of our vast experience in commercial and residential construction with a complete team of professional renovators in New Jersey.

Luxury Bathroom Design

Whether your goal is luxury bathroom design or a practical maximising small bathroom remodel, you want your bathroom to provide comfort and relaxation in a contemporary style.

But there are so many choices. Elegant granite or marble countertops. Beautiful vanities and cabinets. Single or double bathroom sinks. Ceramic wall tiling and laminate flooring. Whirlpool tub or soft bathtub. Our design professionals in Pns Kitchen & Bath, will work with you closely so that your bathroom reflects your taste and sets just the right tone.

Pns design professionals offer you extensive product knowledge and exciting ideas. They specialize in bathroom renovations. Together they will explore your preferences and discuss design trends. The goal is to maximize and beautify your bathroom’s space.

Small Bathroom Remodeling

Do you have a new look for your bathroom in mind? Even if your space is limited, we’ll show you the
best options to make it happen. Explore the latest in bathroom design trends and our full range of options. Walk in showers or corner tubs, innovative styles that use every inch wisely, the colors you choose and the lighting all contribute to creating the atmosphere you desire. No matter how big or small your bathroom is, it should be a comfortable place to relax and unwind.